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In addition to our popular comic books, we offer twisted takes on Marvel and DC Superheroes, Dr. Who and Star Wars in t shirts and prints.  If witty irony appeals to you, or you just think that Darth Vadar is the real hero of Star Wars, then you've found the perfect store!

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In this creepy lunatic asylum, every patient has a different, twisted story to tell. Join Dr. Stenson as he takes you on a personal tour and meet the demons (real or imagined) that haunt the minds of the insane!   

About Diablo Comics

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Diablo Comics. was founded in 2005 by filmmaker Scott "Diablo" Marcano.  Before he became "Diablo," Scott was famous (infamous?) for writing the comedy cult classic Bio-Dome.  One day, Diablo got the bright idea of following his childhood dream and started selling comic books at a little table at Comic Con in San Diego.  His first book took off and became the popular horror graphic novel "The Unwanted" which begat the sci-fy epic "Hum," and the wickedly terrifying "Nancy Hernandez and the Black Widows," among many other terrific titles. 

Diablo Comics mission is to entertain in an original "Diablo way," by providing the public with much needed cool t shirts, comic books and hilarious mashup prints at great low prices!

Shows & More

Upcoming shows

Diablo Comics can be found at comic book conventions across North America.  This year we'll be at Wondercon, The Phoenix Comic Con, Comic Con, among many others.   We'll be on the road again starting in January. Check this website for the latest booth and table numbers of your local show.  Like James Brown, we like to think of ourselves as "the hardest working comic book store" in show business. 


Our Artists

Diablo works with some of the best talents from around the world to create all our great stuff.  Our team includes: Juan Romera, Renzo Podestra, Emel Akiah and Sean Dietrict.  We're always looking for fresh blood - so if you have some great art to share, send us your portfolio and we'll be happy to review!